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Selling Honey - Extra Income for Farmers

Bee Project

We cooperate with more than 20 beekeepers in the communities within the scope of this project. We support them with materials, further training and marketing assistance. In return, we receive a small percentage of the honey produced by the beekeepers. We use the corresponding profit to buy new materials or to fund the supervision.
The Brazilian governmental organization SEBRAE is a reliable and very competent partner, which supports us by means of training courses. This way, the beekeepers learn how to treat the bees and acquire the knowledge to increase the amount of honey produced.

The Brazilian government program CONAB helps us in marketing the honey. They buy the honey produced by us, pack it in small packs (5 grams each) and distribute it for free to a program for malnourished children as well as to schools and nursery schools.


This project is that successful that we will put our focus on the expansion of the bee project. It makes sense in every respect:

  • economically: the beekeepers are able to generate a small income by producing honey
  • ecologically: the bees pollinate the plants and trees and thus contribute to the growth of the nature in that region
  • socially: the beekeepers have a job, which can be exercised in rural areas, and the product will be given to poor children for free


Amount of honey produced
YearAmount produced (liters)
2007 481
2008 1,973
2009 971
2010 443
2011 2,028 (as of November)


Please help us!

Equipment for a beekeeper: one time investment of about 500 euros (about 675 US dollars)

Support for our beekeepers: monthly cost of about 300-400 euros (about 400 to 550 US dollars)



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Success Stories

Our success proves us right!

Photos from our completed projects - proof of the work done and motivation for upcoming projects.

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