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Our Children are Our Future!

Children Group

Unfortunately, children still suffer most from economic and social problems in the northeast of Brazil. Due to the very large number of children per family (families with ten chilren are no exception), the education of the children often doesn't receive the necessary attention.

In our groups, we look after four to ten years old children. Our two regular groups meet every second week. On the one hand, the children should have a nice day. On the other hand, the educational part is also integrated. The children have to be quiet, for example, when the supervisor talks. Social competence, charity, protection of nature etc. are encouraged and trained by means of games.


Children's parties

Furthermore, at special occasions such as Christmas, we organize children's parties in the outside communities. The children may play or conduct activities. Furthermore, they receive minor gifts. This is always a special day for the children from the outside communities, since their families often don't have enough money to buy them a Christmas gift.


Malnourished Children

In conjunction with the children program of the Catholic Church (Pastoral da Criança) and the local health authorities, we produce and distribute food supplements for malnourished children.

This program also involves weighing the children at their homes. If their Body Mass Index is below the value recommended by WHO, they regularly receive the food supplement Multimixtura which is produced by us. This is very important since malnutrition during childhood may lead to permanent mental and physical underdevelopment. We also advise them and visit them at home.

Thanks to the dedicated participation of many volunteers, we managed to supply more than 400 children with food supplements in the last few years.


Please help us!

Children Group: Cost per year for a group of 30 children and one attendant (meetings every second week): 1,000 euros (about 1,350 US dollars)

Children's Party: Cost for a party for about 80 children: about 100 euros (about 135 US dollars)

Food Supplement:

  • Cost for attending one child per year (12 pack at 300 g including monthly visits): about 10 euros (about 13.50 US dollars)
  • Cost for a new unit for producing the food supplement: about 1,500 euros (about 2,000 US dollars)



For more pictures from our children projects, please see our Gallery.


Success Stories

Our success proves us right!

Photos from our completed projects - proof of the work done and motivation for upcoming projects.

In our gallery you can find more photos of finished projects.

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