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Trees for Brazil!

Tree Nurseries

The reason for building our tree nursery is to supply the peasants of the region with seedlings of fruit bearing trees and tree crops, which grow well in that region, such as Caju, Pinha, or Graviola.

Planted on a field, these little trees need 1 to 2 years to grow in a way that the first few fruits may be harvested. In the meantime, the peasants irrigate and protect the seedlings.

As soon as the fruit can be harvested, the families are free to sell the fruit in order to add to their living or to supply their families with healthier and vitamin-packed food. The crop plants are used to produce stakes for fences or animal food. Furthermore, the trees provide shade for humans and animals.

We also managed to solve a beekeeping problem by growing a special kind of crop plant: during the dry season, the bee colonies often don't find food, since many trees don't bloom in that period. For this reason, we also grow trees in our reforestation project which are in full bloom only in the dry season.


YearTrees and Seedlings
2008 10,000
2009 15,000
2010 25,000 planned, only planted 10,000 due to drought
2011 20,000
2012 92,865
2013 100,000 planned, only planted 50,000 due to drought


Please help us!

Tree Nursery: For every euro we recieve, we can produce 3 seedlings including plantation. (mixed calculation, depends on the kind of tree). The money is necessary to buy the seeds. The seedlings are grown 2 to 8 months, depending on the kind of tree, delivered to the family and planted on-site.

For a donation of 120 Euros  (about 160 US dollars), 33 Cents per day, we will plant a tree on you behalf every single day during 2014!


For more pictures from our tree projects, please see our gallery.


Success Stories

Our success proves us right!

Photos from our completed projects - proof of the work done and motivation for upcoming projects.

In our gallery you can find more photos of finished projects.

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