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Water - Source of Life

One of the biggest problems in the northeast of Brazil is the lack of water. The families have sufficient access to water during the rainy winter months from April to August. During the dry season, however, there is an acute shortage of water. We organize two kinds of projects in order to provide all-the-year water access for the people:

  • Digging wells
  • Storing rain water



Digging wells is a proven remedy to deliver water. The disadvantage is that we often find saline water which is filtered by the minerals contained in the soil. That kind of water is often used for the immigration of plants, for washing or for animals. For this reason, we more often store rain water for the supply of potable water.


Rain Water

We prepare large collection areas in a way that the rain water is carried into a reservoir. The cleanest way is using the roof of a house and a cistern. A cistern has a capacity of 16,000 to 26,000 liters of water.

Another way is using a natural rocky tank and building a retaining wall in order to increase its capacity. The larger collection area is the most important advantage. This way, a water tank has a storing capacity of up to 500,000 liters of water.



In order to guarantee sustainable and long-term usage, we also carry out projects to maintain and improve existing installations. Our main focus is that the projects are run and carried out by the people and communities benefitting from them.


Fundo Rotativo - Rotating Funding

The people and communities supported carry out the main part of the works. We only supply them with materials and a skilled worker. People who receive cisterns also contribute to the cost of their project and return about 10 to 15 euros (13 to 20 US dollars) a month which corresponds to the value of one or two bags of cement. We use that money in order to carry out further projects. Our goal is to have about 100 cistern projects running. From the monthly returns, we will be able to carry out 1 or 2 new projects per month and thus contribute to continuing improvement.


Please help us!

The cost of a project vary depending on the type, size and circumstances.

  • Wells: the depth of a well depends on the ground water level which may vary from 4 to 60 meters. Furthermore, the hardness of the stone layers is a decisive factor. This leads to a price margin of 200 to 4,000 euros (about 270 to 5,500 US dollars).
  • Tank: building a natural rock tank costs about 800 to 3,500 euros (about 1,100 to 5,000 US dollars) depending on its size.
  • Cistern: the cost for one family (16,000 liters) is about 500 euros (about 675 US dollar).




In our gallery, you can find more photos from our completed water projects.


Success Stories

Our success proves us right!

Photos from our completed projects - proof of the work done and motivation for upcoming projects.

In our gallery you can find more photos of finished projects.

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